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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.


The Quad-X Pro Flail mower is robust and reliable with extra power and added torque and special hammer blades to tackle dense vegetation. It is the perfect machine for tackling overgrown areas and can pulverise bracken and rushes (for better performing mulchers, see commercial flail & power shredder), with flotation tyres making it suitable in wet areas. This best in class machine can outperform any other machine with similar spec.

Quad-X Pro Flail mowers use the industry’s most powerful v-twin engines which are renowned for quality, fuel efficiency and performance to maximise work rates for this style of machine and uptime to help operators cover more acres in a day for less. The acclaimed VANGUARD Briggs & Stratton engines feature a host of innovative components and systems to maximise performance while reducing heat build up, restricting debris intake, minimising vibration and dampening noise. Because out in the field, the work can’t stop until the job gets done.

Both the Honda iGX800 25hp and Briggs and Stratton 23hp V-twin engines with Electronic Fuel Injection and a host of other advanced features help to maximise productivity with, the same legendary Honda quality and reliability users expect.

Electronic Fuel Injection detects the state of the engine using sensors and supplies the optimum amount of fuel to the engine according to its working conditions for improved fuel economy, reduction in emissions with excellent usability and easy maintenance.

These hi torque engines coupled with the special double spiral rotor with maximum impact hammer blades generate impressive cutting action using less fuel, saving money and valuable time. Heavy duty drive belts give improved performance and efficiency, long life and reduced down time.

The Quad-X Pro Flail mower is capable of working in dense vegetation to tackle rushes and bracken but is equally at home topping paddock areas and mulching grassland weeds. The cutting height is easily adjusted without tools to suit various types and heights of vegetation. For hard to reach areas the drawbar can be offset to the left or the right.


Large 22-11×8 knobby flotation tyres are ideal for travelling on uneven and soft terrain giving a smoother travel for added comfort for the operator. Auto belt tensioning keeps the optimum belt settings for longevity and reduced downtime so the operator can focus on getting the job done.

The Pro Flail is easy to start and easy to use with electric start and simple throttle control thanks to auto drive engagement. An adjustable tow hitch height makes the Flail mower suitable for use with any vehicle whether it is a ATV, UTV, jeep or small tractor while a handy toplink levels the machine for an even cut.

Quad-X have been manufacturing ATV equipment since the 1990s and so decades of experience in clever design and ongoing development ensure their range of mowers are best in class. having been put through their paces around the world,

These Pro Flail mowers are equipped with a carefully engineered double spiral rotor to give high performance cutting for this style of machine and a fine chop for faster decomposition. The rotor is designed to put less stress through the machine with less load on the bearings for durability. Dynamic rotor balancing ensures optimum smooth rotation, to work to eliminate vibration for quieter operation and longer life of bearings.


V Twin Engine

Industry leading powerful high torque v-twin engines for excellent performance and fuel efficiency, with engine kill switch for added safety.

Flotation Tyres

22-11×8 flotation tyres ideal for soft ground for smoother travel with side or rear positioning as standard.

Height Adjustment

Impressive infinite cutting height adjustment from 20mm to 200mm to suit various types and heights of vegetation.

Hammer Blades

Hammer blades for impressive cutting action in thicker vegetation such as rushes, bracken and heather and for tidy topping in paddock and park areas.


Rotor with special double spiral design, for optimum cutting performance which has been used for years for this style of mower, to give finer chop and balanced for optimum smooth rotation, to work to eliminate vibration for quieter operation and longer life of bearings.

Rear Roller

Rear Roller helps to avoid scalping on uneven terrain and acts to roll out what has been cut to leave a clean finish.

Additional Features

– The drawbar can be offset to the left or the right.
– Auto belt tensioning for longevity and reduced downtime.
– Strong rotor bearings and shaft for reliability and longevity.
– Debris guard for operator protection.


Cutting Widths

-1.2m / 4ft
-1.5m / 5ft

Engine Size

– 23hp V twin electric start Vanguard Briggs & Stratton
– 25hp v twin electric start Honda/ Vanguard Briggs & Stratton

Battery Connection Wiring

– 1m (Typically suits most ATVs where the battery is below the seat)
– 2m (Typically suits most ATVs where the battery is located at the front)
– 3m (Typically suits most UTVs)
– 4m (Typically suits most 4x4s)
Or self starting power pack – required to start independently of your towing vehicle to start the electric start engine.


Double Bogie Wheels- Provide increased stability and smoother travel in we and difficult terrain.

Rear & side wheel positioning: The wheels can be positioned either to the side or to the rear. If tighter access to boundaries or between obstacles is needed wheels can be trailing for a narrower overall width. (this increases the weight on the drawbar when hitching, so a jockey wheel is advised to help with the hitching process.)

Break Bar

Invented by Quad-X this helps to feed and guide longer vegetation through the mower blades for a more effective and finer chop.

Cutter Bar

Sits on the inside of the mower deck to aid in the cutting of vegetation.

Extended Kill Switch

Extended kill switch for UTV/4×4 – longer wiring to bring this safety device closer to the operator.

Jockey Wheel

Jockey Wheel- for easy coupling, uncoupling and storage.

Battery Connection Wiring

Electric start machines will require a power source. As standard they come equipped with a 1m cable with Anderson connector to connect to your towing vehicle battery, other options include:

2m battery cable with Anderson connector  (Typically suits most ATVs where the battery is located at the front) 
3m battery cable with Anderson connector (Typically suits most UTVs) 
4m battery cable with Anderson connector (Typically suits most 4x4s)
Self starting power pack – if you do not intend to use the battery of your towing vehicle to start the electric start engine.


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