Machinery Made For You

Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

Be Bespoke

At Blaney we want YOU to get what YOU want from your machinery, that’s why we can provide one of a kind bespoke machines just for you!

Why Choose Quad-X?

1. Based in Northern Ireland, UK

Unlike many imported machines, our range has been developed to tackle some of the toughest conditions that Ireland & the UK can throw at it. Famed for ample rainfall and subsequent heavy grass crops Northern Ireland is the ideal location to test our high-performance machines. Why not support a local manufacturer, sourcing components locally, committed to helping local farmers.

2. In-House Design & Performance

Pick up the phone and speak directly to our customer service team, or to one of our engineers, directly involved in the development of our machines We endeavour to incorporate new technologies where possible. We value the opinion of each and every customer and seek to use this feedback to further improve upon designs to ensure that we continue to exceed expectations.

3. Innovations

The relentless attitude of our engineering and technical team results in the development and manufacture of the best machines. Our enthusiastic team of engineers are among some of the brightest young minds in the industry.

dump donkey 2

Dump Trailer, with donkey stencil cut out



Traffic Lights



Dump Trailer, Galvanised



Dump Trailer, Orange



8×6 Trailer


Bin Trailer

Custom Sweeper