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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

  • Power Shredder - ideal for dealing with dense vegetation in bog land, marsh land, fenland and lough areas.
  • Reach wet / steep areas no-one else can!!
  • Reach wet / steep areas your tractor can't!!
  • High Speed Rotor for Finer Chop!!
  • Outstanding results in dense vegetation!!


First of all, this is NOT A FLAIL MOWER.

WHAT is a Power Shredder?

The Power Shredder is a unique, one-of-a-kind machine, designed and developed through years of research and development (as well as listening to our customers).

The Power Shredder is a bespoke machine developed for an outstanding performance in extremely dense vegetation where standard mowers would fail or:

-Cannot handle heavy vegetation

-Unable to cut vegetation fine enough

-Too slow

-Consume too much fuel

-Too difficult to pull in wet or rough terrain


-Need too much maintenance

No job too tough.

The Power Shredder has been developed with a multitude of design and manufacturing innovations which NO MANUFACTURER has been able to replicate. The Power Shredder can manage areas such as lough areas, scrub and marshes consistently proving to be the only machine to do so.

Utilising an industry leading powerhouse engine.

Fitted with V-Twin engines designed and expertly engineered to handle the most demanding applications. These monster engines feature several advanced technologies while also being lighter and more compact than other leading competitor engines on the market.

Don’t just take our word..

Particularly effective in wetland areas (where there is an invasion of woody plants / extremely dense vegetation) the Power Shredder had been tried and tested both by us and the thousands of customers who own one. We are proud to supply these units to our commercial customers such as the RSPB group for continual management of challenging conservation areas.

Please see our Flail Mower for lighter duty work

Want to know more?

There is so much the Power Shredder can do FOR YOU, we have put blood, sweat and tears into this machine from its complex design to its unrivaled craftsmanship. If you have any queries, please get in touch with us by filling out our online enquiry form.

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Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland.


Innovative Deck Design

Innovative Deck Design

By using 3-D finite element analysis on the deck we have been able to design the mower for maximum strength and minimum weight, making it easier to tow and reducing tyre indentation on the ground surface.

Power Shredder Deck Design

Power Shredder Deck Design


Unique Blade Design & High Speed Rotor

High Speed Rotor

With the Quad-X Power Shredder running in excess of 1000RPM more than a tractor flail, this high speed combined with a specially designed ‘High Flow’ rotor can achieve remarkable results in extremely dense vegetation.

Unique Blade Design

The Quad-X Power Shredder is equipped with innovative special rush blades as standard which allow you to shred in heavy rushes, or areas of bracken or heather.

Adjustable Cutting Height & Adjustable Offset Function

Adjustable Cutting Height

The Quad-X Power Shredder boasts the infinite cutting height adjustable, from 30mm to 250mm to suit various types of vegetation, and allows you to work with even the tallest weeds.

Adjustable Offset Function

Adjustable offset drawbar to position your machine to suit whatever particular job you are working at such as maintaining field borders.

Flotation Tyres

Flotation Tyres

The Quad-X Power Shredder come as standard with 22-11*8 flotation tyres which are ideal for use on soft and wet areas of ground.

Flotation Tyres as Standard

Flotation Tyres as Standard





 Optional Double Bogie

If some areas are extremely wet check out our optional double bogie for increased stability on wet areas.

Optional Double Bogie

Optional Double Bogie




Cutting Width

The Quad-X Power Shredders comes in a choice of two cutting widths,  it is available in:-

  • 1.3m / 4ft cutting width
  • 1.5m / 5ft cutting width

4ft or 5ft models available!

1.3m / 4ft or 1.5m / 5ft models available! 


Engine Sizes

The Quad-X Power Shredder comes with a commercial Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine which carry a 3 year warranty as standard.  You can choose from a range of sizes depending on what density of vegetation you are cutting.

1.3m / 4ft – Engine Sizes Available are (all Briggs & Stratton):
  • 16HP Power Shredder, 1.3m, V-Twin engine, Recoil Start
  • 16HP Power Shredder, 1.3m, V-Twin engine, Electric Start
  • 18HP Power Shredder, 1.3m, V-Twin engine, Electric Start
  • 21HP Power Shredder, 1.3m, V-Twin engine, Electric Start
  • 23HP Power Shredder, 1.3m, V-Twin engine, Electric Start
1.5m / 5ft – Engine Sizes Available are (all Briggs & Stratton):
  • 23HP Power Shredder, 1.5m, V-Twin engine, Electric Start

Optional Break Bar

An optional Break Bar™ is available which helps to flatten down the vegetation to help guide it through the mower blades for a more effective and finer chop. The break bar is very effective if cutting in heavy rushes.

Optional Rear Roller

An optional Rear Roller is fitted behind the machine and acts to roll out what has been cut to leave a clean finish.

Double Bogie Wheels

Outstanding results in dense vegetation!!

Outstanding results in dense vegetation!!

The double axle 4 wheeled pivot bogie system is useful in particularly damp areas to minimise damage to the ground, which is key in conservation and restoration situations. Heavy machinery can often do more harm than good in wetland areas and and therefore a quad or UTV teamed with the Power Shredder that can do the job more effectively whilst also having less of an impact on the ground.

The double bogie wheels allow for a smoother travel on rough ground which gives a more efficient cut.

Battery Connection Wiring

Electric start machines will require a power source. As standard they come equipped with a 1m cable with Anderson connector to connect to your towing vehicle battery, other options include:

  • 2m battery cable with Anderson connector  (Typically suits most ATVs where the battery is located at the front) 
  • 3m battery cable with Anderson connector (Typically suits most UTVs) 
  • 4m battery cable with Anderson connector (Typically suits most 4x4s)
  • Self starting power pack – if you do not intend to use the battery of your towing vehicle to start the electric start engine.


When we first came to the farm here there were lots of brambles. The farm hadn't been that well looked after. My husband doesn't drive the tractor but will drive the gator so he can use it too. The Power Shredder chops better than the topper and cuts it up small. Penny Hutchinson - Co Down, NI
‘I am extremely happy with my Power Shredder, it is the perfect machine for handling my rushes and getting into those wet areas where the tractor has no access.Eddie Mullaney - Boyle, Roscommon
'I have shredded over 10 hectares so far and the Quad-X Shredder works like a charm. 'Snippy' is a sure game changer on my organic blueberry farm'Willie Bevan - Canada
‘I find my power shredder to be the perfect solution to keeping my heavy rushes in check. It also comes in handy for topping!
The great thing about the shredder is its ability to cope with the dense weed infestation. I found that using other equipment such as toppers didn’t produce the fine chop that the power shredder leaves behind. This allows a faster rejuvenation of my sward. The double bogie feature that I requested for my shredder meant that I was able to cut in wetter conditions that I couldn’t go with my tractor. I couldn’t be happier.’Mark Hamilton - Stirling, Scotland
Power shredder really good machine it's busiest is March and April cleaning of ground after sheep before slurry goes out double bogie axel really good for ruff ground good parts are hard wearing if you need parts you have them within the second day. Sean Donohue - Co. Fermanagh
I purchased the Shredder 3 yrs ago now & have completed a lot of work with it on my farm here in south Leitrim, I find it to be A VERY RELIABLE & EASILY pulled piece of machinery.
I found it to be a very good machine in wet ground NOT HAVING TO WAIT FOR DRY WEATHER/ OR LAND TO DRY TO TRAVEL ON IT WITH A TRACTOR.
It's very easy pulled due to its BOGIE WHEELS.
Sean McKiernan - Co Leitrim
Willie Bevan - Canada
Lissanoure Castle - Co. Antrim, NI
Kyle Hamilton - Co Tyrone
William Hamilton - Co. Antrim
With increased restrictions on burning of heather in the Peak District National Park, I have tried a number of different ATV and tractor mounted mowers to cut heather. The results with the Quad-X Power Shredder were amazing, given that we were cutting growth more akin to small shrubs than heather. The 23HP V twin, with break bar and double bogies straddles the ruts and gave a smooth ride and clean cut. This machine was able to macerate the cut heather into a very fine mulch leaving little detritus to worry about as a uppressant. The Quad-X machine from an engineering point is excellent.Neil Walker - Grouse Moor, Peak District National Park
Nothing but praise for the machine. If I was offered my money back now, and more, I wouldn’t take it. I’d pick the machine no doubtPatrick Cremmins - Co Kerry
I purchased my power shredder for the quad back in 2014 for maintaining my 10 acre smallholding at various times in the year. I mainly treat rushes and other common weeds. I found the spread and distribution of the mulch to be good. The weight and durability of the shredder is exactly what I was looking for!Damian Kelly - Co. Antrim
The thing I like about the Power Shredder is its ability to cope with dense weeds. This machine is well built without being too heavily weighted. This has made it suited for the wet areas on my land. It saves times and leaves the output in a fine even chop. I am more than happy with the performance of the machine.Trevor Jameson -
The Quad-X Power Shredder mulcher is a great job. I am using it for cutting heavy rushes on a mountain to clear ground for woodland plantations. She is a mighty yoke, a great piece of equipment. With the 500 cc quad she does well on hill ground. With 1600 acres of hill ground she’s just the yoke for mulching rushes without poaching the ground.
John Wauchob, Tyrone
John Wauchob - Co. Tyrone.
I am a contractor and I travel throughout Donegal, where there is a big demand for cutting rushes. With most the places that I am cutting often on wet, rough ground the Quad bike and Powershredder is by far the best solution for cutting in soft areas. It also allows me to get through those narrow gates and inaccessible areas that a tractor couldn’t reach. Other cheaper machines that I tried using were simply not up to the job, they weren’t strong enough. The Quad-X Powershredder is designed well, built strongly with an unmatched reliable cutting performance. I couldn’t be happier. Derek Schmidt - Co. Donegal


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