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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

  • Pro Elite - Designed for the professional user!!


Pro Elite Plus Sprayers

Designed for the Professional User!!

The Pro Spray Elite Plus is based on the ProSpray model with all the features if offers and more. Our Agricultural Weeder machinery for weed removal used in weed control for soil preparation or cultivation has significant savings over conventional systems.

Comes with a pressure gauge, pressure control and return agitation system for powder based chemicals. It has a high capacity pump for spot spraying and boom spraying.

Thanks to its accuracy and its superior aluminium handlance the pro spray elite has less drift and so is more environmentally friendly. Equipped with the high-capacity Quad-X Superpump the pro spray elite is able to run up to an 11ft boom.  Selected with the superpump upgrade the pro spray elite can run a boom up to 16ft/4.8m boom.

The Quad-X range of sprayers run off a 12v supply and so can be used with a stand alone battery. It is possible to run the Quad-X sprayers off a ride on lawnmower, jeep/4×4 or tractor. You may need to add a suitable mounting bracket for some vehicles to attach the sprayers to. You may benefit from ordering our sprayers with the option of a 7 pin trailer plug which would allow you to simply plug the wiring into your trailer lighting socket and turn on your side ligts to power the sprayer. As standard the Quad-X sprayers come with a wiring kit fitted with ring terminals to suit connection straight to a battery or for an ATV.

For larger applications why not try our Tractor Sprayers manufactured by Blaney Agri Ltd our Tractor machinery division, available with 400L – 1400L capacity with optional booms widths from 8m – 12m.  The low centre of gravity design gives better stability working on hilly ground.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland


Product Specification

  • High capacity Quad-X Superpump for spot spraying and boom spraying.
  • Lockable aluminium handlance with high-flow nozzle.
  • Optional 60L and 100L capacity.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Pressure Control.
  • Return agitation system for powder based chemicals
  • In-line filter
  • Foot Filter.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easily fits onto any ATV
  • Simple well system.
  • 5m hose with optional longer length.
  • Auto cut-out switch.
  • Drain plug for easy drainage of tank contents.
  • Wiring kit supplied.
  • Quick release connection.
  • Runs off 12v power supply.


Proven to reduce drift & save you chemical

The Quad-X Superpump is fitted to the Eco, Pro, Pro Elite and Low Pro models. This pump creates more pressure for finer droplets and more accurate coverage saving you valuable chemical and preventing drift.

  • 12lpm Capacity
  • Fully submersible
  • Unrivalled 3 year warranty
  • Four Chamber pump
  • Creates More pressure
  • Creates Finer Droplets
  • More accurate coverage
  • Auto Cut switch
  • Steady pressure- less waste
  • Produces greater jet spray distance with handlance

Unrivalled 3 year parts warranty

superpump web small


Tank Capacities

Tanks are available in two sizes.
– 60L
– 100L

All sprayers are compatible with the Quad-X Sprayer Boom Range

Pump Capacities

Pumps are available in two capacities.
– 12lpm
– 18lpm

All sprayers are compatible with the Quad-X Sprayer Boom Range


"We offer services for equestrian paddock maintenance. the Quad-X Pro spray elite is great for spraying liquid fertiliser and herbicide to tackle docks, ragwort and other weeds."MJS Agri Services - Co. Wexford


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