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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

  • Precision Booms are available in 5ft, 11ft & 16ft spraying widths


Precision Booms

Most Popular and Accurate Boom for Precision Spraying

The precision booms are our most popular model of spray boom due to their accuracy and exceptional performance.

Made with corrosion proof alloy the precision booms are lightweight for easy handling, available in 5ft, 11ft and 16ft spray widths.  They are all equipped with Anti-Drip Nozzles for accurate spraying and making them along with all the other Quad-X sprayers and Boom compliant with the NEW Spraying Regulations

16ft Precision Boom - Lightweight for handling

16ft Precision Boom – Fold up design making easy for transportation


Superior to the Wide Spray models, these booms are equipped with precision nozzles for more accurate spraying.





Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland




  • 5ft (1.5m), 11ft (3.35m) or 16ft (4.8m) spray widths
  • Made from corrosion proof alloy making it lightweight and easy for handling
  • Anti-Drip Nozzles for accurate spraying (see additional point)
  • Each spray nozzles is fitted with an individual filter
  • Easyfit mount system for quick release
  • Multiple cut off position models available to spray with an individual wing
  • Optional hedgerow swing arm to set the 5ft boom out the side

Anti-Drip Nozzles

Anti-Drip Nozzles

  • Equipped with Anti-Drip Nozzles for accurate spraying and no drips in most weather conditions.  They are designed with the nozzle spraying downwards and spraying larger droplets, which are less likely to be affected by the wind.
  • Each Spray nozzle has it’s own filter.
  • ALL Compliant with the NEW Spraying Regulations!!
Anti-Drip Nozzles

Anti-Drip Nozzles for accurate precision spraying










Spray Width

The Spray Width comes in a 5ft (1.5m), 11ft (3.35m) or 16ft (4.8m)

Hedgerow Swing Arm

precision hedgerow swing arm web small








This option allows you to set the 5ft (1.5m) boom out to the side of your ATV rather than directly behind

Multiple Cut Off Positions

There is a multiple cut off position model available in both the 11ft (3.35m) and 16ft (4.8m) models to shut off an entire wing


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