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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

  • 300L, 360L and 500L ATV tipping trailers available!


This trailer’s versatility is Ideal for more than you’ll ever think of!

Makes jobs around your farm easier!

This trailer has been designed to be lightweight and versitile to make your jobs around the farm, stables and garden easier.  It has been designed to be easily manoeuvred making it ideal for use in tighter spaces like stables and gardens.

It has been designed with a galvanized frame to support the corrosion free and rot proof trailer body, giving you an advantage over conventional trailers as you can transport wet heavy loads easily and the trailer will be easily cleaned.

It has been designed to tackle everyday work on your farm, stable, estate and gardens making it more superior to ANY wheelbarrow.


Corrosion proof body

The body of the trailer has been manufactured from high density polyethylene making it strong and sturdy. Easy to clean out and wash.

ATV tipping trailer


300L & 360L fitted with 15 x 6-6 turf tyres as standard with optional 18 x 9.5-8 knobby tyre upgrade.

500L fitted with 19 x 7-8 quad type tyres as standard with optional 22 x 11-8 knobby tyre upgrade.

  • Optional wide knobby wheel tyres available


Galvanized Frame

The galvanized frame supports the plastic trailer body this includes a locked mechanism to transport loads securely which can be pushed down to tip the trailer body.

Comes standard with 50mm hitch

Comes standard with 50mm hitch however optional pin for attachment to a lawnmower.



The range of capacities available include
– 300L
– 360L
– 500L

Wider wheel

Wider wheel option is also available for each size.

  • 300L and 360L fitted with 15 x 6-6 turf tyres as standard with optional 18 x 9.5-8 knobby tyre upgrade.
  • 500L fitted with 19 x 7-8 quad type tyres as standard with optional 22 x 11-8 knobby tyre upgrade
  • Standard with 50 mm hitch.


• Optional pin to allow towing with a lawnmower


"We recently moved to a smallholding to have the horses at home. I'd seen a 500L Quad-X trailer online and it was on our wish list for the new place, along with around 40-50 other things you always end up 'needing'! Quad-X was the only supplier that needed to make their product to order and on top we needed it shipping to mainland England (Lincolnshire) so we weren't really expecting to have the trailer any time soon. Boy, were we surprised, in a great way. From order to delivery was less than one week and they made it so easy. Do not be put off worrying about carriage - they made it all so easy and are a really pleasant company to deal with. On top of which the product is a great one, we are 150% happy with our tipping trailer and will definitely be coming back to them when we are buying the topper. This is exactly the type of company you want to deal with - they got it right from the product, to the lead time, to the ease of transaction and a great range of products. We are very happy with the trailer and the service we received from you guys. A*** for you all, thanks so much - it makes life so much easier and enjoyable to get good service like yours - Thanks to all of you at Quad-X!"Ian Keal - Lincolnshire
“I have been using my trailer to carry logs, which I had been carrying myself so it has literally taken the wait for my shoulders. It helps me take more logs up a rather steep hill – it has been a huge improvement for me!”John Harvey - Sussex
“I purchased my 300L plastic tipping trailer for general use around my land, carrying leaves and bits and pieces and it has been serving me well. The trailer itself is good value and I was looking for something lightweight, manoeuvrable and strong and that’s what I got!”Mark Dunn - Penrith
"My customer is delighted with his Quad-X 500L tipping trailer. It is great for around the yard, with easy access through stable doors and a great capacity."Henry White - Attlefield Farm Machinery
“I bought a 300L plastic tipping trailer specifically for transporting logs and it fits the job perfectly. It’s lightweight and compact so it’s ideal for moving around and carrying heavy loads. The tipping feature is really handy too and I haven’t had any issues with it at all!”Steven Brazendale - Fife
“I’m well pleased with it, good and handy for moving bits of silage. But the main point of it is that it is lightweight, that’s the real focus and it makes it much easier to use!”Wilfred Johnston - Co Antrim
“The 500L trailer is just brilliant. It’s gotten plenty of use. It’s had everything in it and nothing has been a problem! It’s easily towed and easy to use and made of strong stuff! It’s a great job and I’m very pleased with it”Damien Fitzachary - Dublin
“I got my Plastic tipping trailer form Quad-X in December and it is fantastic, in fact I’ve been using all day today. It’s ideal for carrying out maintenance such as moving old fencing etc . I have been also using it muck out my horses and it does a great job there too! It was delivered in no time, quicker than I expected and easily assembled , even if you have no experience in it”Peter Myles - Sussex
“It is absolutely superb! My 360L is ideal for using around a large garden and for easily shifting cuttings and light loads etc. It is absolutely ideal and no problems!”Mike Jackson - Co Yorkshire
“The trailer is very robust, especially since it’s been used for pulling bricks and is showing no signs of wear. The hook attachment is very easy to use and overall I’m very happy with it!”Andrew Noble - Co East Sussex
“I find the 500L trailer made by Quad –X to be very useful for managing my gardens and hedgerows. It is easy to manoeuvre and tip due to its light weight, durable frame and pivot point.”Diana Endsor - Devon
“The trailer’s great! It’s been used for mucking out mainly and has made the job easier. It is perfect for the job!”Debbie James - Warwickshire
“Very happy with the trailer and have been using it for moving bags of pellets. It has been better than previous trailers as it fits through narrower gates – overall very pleased with it.”Philip Marsden - Cornwall
“It really is great! Everything I expected it to be” Shelia Connearn - Lancashire
"we bought last year, well tested here now. It is a good honest product, not cheap but strongly made for hard work and it is value for money."Scott Raeburn - Aberdeen
"we got a Quad-X trailer at Christmas. its a 360ltr plastic tipping one and it makes many jobs easier around the farm. Its a nifty wee trailer. The Wooly Farmer - Co. Down


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