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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

  • Special shaped deck for tighter turning circles around trees!
  • Twin blades for a lawn finish!


Quad-X manufactures a range of mowers to tackle a massive variety of duties from lawn finishing to pasture topping and pulverising heavy vegetation.

The Quad-X  ATV compact rotary mower has been designed with twin blades give a lawn finish, yet it is capable of light topping also.  The Compact Rotary Mower comes with a choice of 12.5hp (recoil) or 13.5 (elec start) Briggs & Stratton engine. A mulching kit is fitted as standard to give an even finer-cut finish.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland


Compact Rotary Mower

Compact Rotary Mower



The Quad-X ATV Compact Rotary Mower comes with a choice of two Briggs & Stratton engines:


  • 12.5HP Compact Rotary Mower, recoil start


  • 13.5HP Compact Rotary Mower, electric start



Special Deck Design

Special Deck Design

The Compact Rotary Mower deck has been specially designed to makes it more manoeuvrable. With the outside corner positioned further back than on a square deck, you can drive closer to trees before having to turn out. Offset wheels allow the ATV mower to get around obstacles, such as shrubs and flower beds more easily.

Tighter Turning Circle

With 1 wheel set further forward on one side than the other, a tighter turning circle means less strimming has to be done around objects. Our research determined that quad lawnmowers are often used in large landscaped gardens with flower beds/shrubs, so the Quad-X compact rotary mower gives a tidier edge finish and is less time consuming.

Special Shaped Desk for a tighter turning circle around trees!

Special Shaped Desk for a tighter turning circle around trees!


Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment

The height adjustment setting from 19mm-180mm ensures that you can get a tight lawn finish yet can use the mower for light topping. The Quad-X compact rotary mower offers the unique feature of an offset drawbar with top link height adjustment. This top link offers infinite height adjustment to ensure the deck is at the correct level. This can be adjusted each time the deck height is changed to avoid the front of the mower dropping down low and causing the blades to hit the ground. This is essential to give a quality finish.

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Control Box Console

Control Box Console

The compact rotary mower has a control box console mounted on the machine which can be reached from seated on the ATV, giving you control over blade speed. The machine can be turned on/off and blades can be engaged using controls mounted on the deck.




Optional Mulching Kit

Optional Mulching Kit

A mulching kit is fitted as standard to give an even finer-cut finish

Battery Connection Wiring

Electric start machines will require a power source. As standard they come equipped with a 1m cable with Anderson connector to connect to your towing vehicle battery, other options include:

2m battery cable with Anderson connector  (Typically suits most ATVs where the battery is located at the front) 
3m battery cable with Anderson connector (Typically suits most UTVs) 
4m battery cable with Anderson connector (Typically suits most 4x4s)
Self starting power pack – if you do not intend to use the battery of your towing vehicle to start the electric start engine.


“My Compact Rotary Mower is excellent! I heard of Quad-X on the internet and just went for it. The quality and finish is excellent and cheap to run. The mower is perfect for behind my quad and giving my half acre a light topping”Jim West - Cornwall
“The mower is great; I use it to cut my lawn which has a slight gradient to it. It was taking me too long to do with my push mower. I now get it cut in a quarter of the time thanks to my compact rotary mower”Marcus Parkin - Gwent
“I have 2.5 acre paddock for our horses and after coming across Quad-X online I purchased my Compact Rotary Mower to help maintain the area to stop the grass from wilting. In the past I had been using a strimmer however it was just taking too long, with the Compact Rotary Mower it has become a much quicker job. It’s a brilliant product and works wonders!”Paul Taylor - Shropshire


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