Machinery Made For You

Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

  • Commercial Boom


This impressive range is designed  for commercial users to be versatile for a number of applications. They are strong and robust to provide many years of service with continuous use.

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Minimise drift & Maximise spraying efficiency

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland



Precision Nozzles for accurate spraying in most weather conditions. Sprays larger droplets, which are less likely to be affected by the wind.

Individual nozzles can be shut off


Unique Breakback friction plates on 2 planes (Folds back if hits object)


Wings can lift vertically to do ditches, embankments and higher hedges.

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The wings are made from Stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Durable finish

The commercial-boom uses stainless steel pats and is galvanised and plated for durability


Hedge Nozzle

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Optional Hedge nozzle for field margins.


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