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  • Make chick feeding faster and easier with the Quad-X Chick Feeder...


This machine makes feeding chicks an easy one man operation. The chick feeder can be simply towed behind an ATV or other vehicle with a 50mm towball to unroll the paper and add the chick feed simultaneously.






There is also the option of a larger 550L option and knobby tyres.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern Ireland


Feed Rate

An adjustable feed rate allows you to have more control over what you’re dishing out!

Tarpaulin Cover

The tarpaulin cover helps ensure feed is kept secure and dry while on the move, helping to reduce wastage.

Paper Roll Holder

The chick feeder also comes with an adjustable paper roll holder to suit different paper widths.


Extension Sides

Optional extension side available up to 550L


Optional tyre upgrade to knobby tyres


The chick feeder has made life very easy on our farm. While the turn around time between each batch of chickens has gotten shorter we have to be more efficient with our time but we still want to keep our standard of work as high as possible without neglecting anything.
Before we got the chick feeder it took three men 8 hours to bag and spread the food over the eight houses, now it takes one man 4 hours to spread the food and roll out the paper all in one pass.
The service and communication from everyone at Quad X was second to none aswell.
Paul Stryker - Co Kerry
The chick feeder saves me so much time and makes the feeding hassle free.Peter Thompson - Co Antrim
Richard McFarland -
The Quad-X chick feeder has been a great investment. It saves so much time and makes the work easy. Before we had the chick feeder we used to fill a wheelbarrow and use a bucket to empty out the meal. This was very time consuming and took four of us around 5 hours to do. So this was about 20 man hours by the time we rolled the paper out manually, filled wheelbarrows and carried buckets of meal up and down the house to empty on the paper.

Now with the chick feeder I can do all the work in a good hour with just my young son helping . The slowest part is waiting on the meal filling the chick feeder. The chick feeder makes it all so handy rolling the paper out and adding the feed at the same time. It is all light work now with no heavy manual work. The chick feeder is also handy for using to fill buckets on the go, in areas where other smaller containers of meal have to be filled. I wouldn’t be without the chick feeder, and just wish we had got it sooner.
Barry / Mary Logan - Co Antrim
I've saved so much time with my Quad-X Chick feeder. The sweat was blinding me trying to carry buckets trying to feed them in time, definitely not the sort of job you can do yourself. With the chick feeder, I can put the paper down and feed at the same time. Trevor Knox - Co Antrim


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