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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

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Weeds? Choose your weapon…

June 27, 2017
Weeds? Choose your weapon…

Quad-X have developed a wide range of ATV equipment to tackle all aspects of weed control, ideal for areas too wet or awkward for tractor access. Left to its own devices your pasture will become choked with weeds and wild plants suck as docks, thistles and nettles which will stunt the growth of healthy grass. The Quad- X range of mowers and sprayers and booms, and weed wipers are a vital tool in maintaining well-kept green pastures.

wildcut light rush 2_edited

Wildcut Topper Mower

Quad-X manufacture a range of Wildcut Topper Mowers and Flail Mowers ideal for topping grass and weeds such as docks, thistles and nettles. The extreme-duty Wildcut Mower and innovative Power Shredder Mowers are the most capable ATV mowers available and are ideal even if you have heavy 5ft rushes, bracken or heather to cut. The Quad-X ATV Power Shredder has been designed to shred heavy rushes and other dense vegetation. Considerable investment has been made in the rotor design which rotates at a higher RPM than a tractor flail ensuring momentum and faster travel speed.

IMG_6801 email -web smallThe Quad-X ATV spot sprayers and booms provide a welcome alternative to a knapsack and are much handier to set up than large tractor sprayers. They can be used on any ATV or utility vehicle and Quad-X can also provide connections for using their sprayers with tractors or 4x4s. The most popular Quad-X sprayer is the Pro Spray, equipped with a high capacity pump carrying a 3-year warranty, which is ideal for both spot spraying and boom spraying. It fits onto any ATV in seconds. If you already have a sprayer tank, Quad-X can offer a range of compatible booms from a 5ft spray width to 16ft.

wipeout 2 thistlesThe innovative Wipeout 2 weed wiper is second generation technology boasting up to 96% chemical savings compared to boom spraying, with automatic weed detection and chemical application. The Wipeout 2 can achieve 100% kill in one pass with no dangerous offspray, all while protecting your clover with no risk of stunting the grass. Quad-X understand the tough times that farmers are going through and are pleased to offer this machine that will save money in the long term, and allow them to farm more profitably. With our unpredictable weather patterns this machine cleverly allows you to apply herbicide even on the windiest of days, meaning you can target the weeds at the optimum period of growth for better results.

If you would like to find out more about the Quad-X range, request a brochure or DVD please call 028 2587 2800, or view video footage of the machines in action here.

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