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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

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New Quad-X kit for liquid fertiliser

April 14, 2023

New Quad-X kit for liquid fertiliser. Quad-X based in Co Antrim are renowned for their innovative and growing range of ATV/UTV equipment. For three decades, the attachment manufacturer has been developing solutions for farmers and landowners that help to improve efficiencies and save money. Their latest addition to the range includes a new custom boom for applying liquid fertiliser.

Liquid fertiliser is becoming more popular on farms as an alternative to expensive granular fertiliser. However standard chemical spray booms are not suitable for liquid fertiliser since it would be impossible to drive slow enough to apply liquid fertiliser as directed, as standard chemical booms are designed to spray in a fine mist.

The Quad-X liquid fertiliser boom comes with custom nozzles for optimum application of liquid fertiliser, and comes complete with a mounting kit for ATVs, with mounting options available for UTVs. The Quad-X boom can pair with any of the Quad-X spray tanks and can be easily fitted to any ATV/UTV.

The Quad-X liquid fertiliser boom helps improve efficiencies and provides a fast and easy way to deliver crucial nutrients to plants, grass and crops. It is very effective for giving the grass/plant the right nutrients at the right time, with application less affected by weather conditions for more working days. Liquid fertiliser can be absorbed immediately for less nutrient run off and wastage, with great accuracy in application.

Using the Quad-X liquid fertiliser application system you can fertilise right to the edge of the crop and avoid losing yields by under fertilising crop margins, which tends to happen when sowing granular fertiliser.

This liquid boom system also avoids wastage since fertilising is accurate even at the field boundary.

The Quad-X liquid fertiliser application system can provide a solution to fertilising ground that is hard to reach, with the quad/UTV able to work on soft ground and uneven terrain. This is a low investment strategy for boosting grass, without the need for a tractor. The portable nature of the Quad-X system makes it ideal for out farms.

Available in 11ft / 3.5m and 16ft / 5m application widths.

If you would like to find out more about the liquid fertiliser boom, get in touch with the team on 028 2587 2800 (from ROI 048 2587 2800), email or follow quadxmachinery on facebook, twitter, Instagram and tiktok.

Or if you prefer to stick with conventional granular fertiliser, contact Quad-X about their ATV/UTV fertiliser sowers which give the widest spread and most accurate application on the market.

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