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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

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Hook On, Drive on and Get the job done quicker with Quad-X Multipurpose ATV trailers.

October 23, 2018

Hook On, Drive on and Get the job done quicker with Quad-X Multipurpose ATV trailers.
Trailers are among the most widely used ATV accessory and are an invaluable yet affordable tool for any farmer. Quad-X, UK quad equipment manufacturer offers a number of models that are engineered for strength and durability.
The Quad-X Bale Transporter is ideal for transporting silage, hay, haylage and straw bales. Moving large bales around becomes a big problem if the land is wet or tractors are already hooked up with other machinery. Quad-X has designed this special trailer to use with an ATV, utility vehicle, car or 4×4. Its unique design ensures the bale mass assists in loading and reduces the forces required to load a 1/2 tonne bale. It has been smartly developed in a way to allow young people and ladies to operate and to prevent the quad rear wheels lifting during loading. It is well balanced in order to reduce the weight on your drawbar, allowing you to easily position the Transporter by hand, even while loaded with a hay bale. The clamping arms are designed to minimise wrap damage during transportation, making the Bale Transporter just the job for bringing the bales in from the field and moving them around. Options include manual or electric lift with a single axle or a double bogie option.
Their stock trailer range can be used to transport stock, feed and troughs around the farm. The Quad-X stock trailers have press-strengthened sides and are galvanised for durability. They are equipped with flotation tyres and with a floor design to reduce animal foot slippage in transport. Rear door options include a swing door or aluminium non-slip ramp door with the option of an integral swing door to make it easier to load individual animals, especially if there are other animals already in the trailer. Quad-X offers an optional adjustable and removable dividing gate to keep new lambs safe during transportation or to divide multiple stocks when travelling.
The Quad-X 5×3’3 stock trailers are available in a solid-sided model or folding sides model. They are slightly wider than most stock trailers for more capacity and suit most new model ATV’s which are also wider than previous models. The folding sides model is easy to convert it to a low-sided general purpose trailer. These sides, when folded down, can also be used to carry hay bales or larger items to maximise the loading capacity of the trailer using the folded sides as a loading platform. The sidebars instead of mesh design makes it easier to tie large and awkward loads.
For those with a larger capacity in mind or those wanting the option of towing the trailer not only behind a quad but also behind a car or 4×4 on the road, the dual purpose 7x4ft Quad-X trailer with road tyres, suspension, mudguards and lights are extremely versatile. With a high grip aluminium ramp back door, the 7x4ft is designed to carry even the largest ATVs. The corrosion-resistant galvanised finish and marine wooden floor ensure maximum long life. The 7x4ft Quad-X trailer is available with an optional lamb divider partition and the galvanised mesh sides can be removed to leave you with a half sided 7x4ft trailer.
If you are hoping to reduce time on simple jobs the Quad-X tipping trailer is perfect. The mechanical tip uses a linkage system, to take the effort out of lifting heavy loads. A pushdown lever lifts the body to just before balancing point, making it simple and easy to tip. It has a removable rear door, which can be completely removed for tipping tall cargo and cleaning out. The galvanised finish ensures maximum durability and long life and knobby floatation tyres make it ideal for soft ground.

Quad-X, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, manufactures a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment, suited to the agricultural industry, landscapers, amenities, smallholders and the equestrian market. The innovative range caters for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.
Manufacturing started with sowers, trailers, sprayers & booms and yard scrapers, expanding into a larger range of quad accessories including herbicide applicators, mowers and other specialist’s equestrian equipment. Quad-X is now one of the leading manufacturers of quad accessories in Europe. Quad-X was shaped by a vision, where a dream has been turned into a range of outstanding products.

Driven by ingenuity most of our R&D team are from an agricultural background. Coupled with professional engineering qualifications this ensures that those involved in product development already understand the problems our customers face and realise the importance of ensuring attachments are simple to use, easy to fit, robust, reliable and ultimately competitively priced.
Unlike other ATV accessories manufacturers who produce a set range of accessories with no change over a 10-20-year period, Quad-X strives to continually look for possible improvements and incorporate new technologies where possible.

To find out more about the Quad-X equipment please visit to see video footage of the extensive ATV machinery range or call 028 2587 2800.

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