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Quad-X manufacture a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment catering for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

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Amazing ATV Equipment to launch in USA

December 23, 2022

Amazing ATV Equipment to launch in USA

Quad-X will be showcasing their quad machinery at World Ag Expo, in Tulare, California, 14th-16th February. Visit the Quad-X stand in Pavillion A 132.  

With over 140+ attachments made by the Irish firm, if you have an ATV or UTV they are sure to have something on offer to make your jobs around the farm, yard or garden easier and take the hassle out of groundcare. Quad-X are looking for suitable dealers and distribution partners in USA with the resources and drive to represent their extensive range of quad and SxS machinery.

Quad-X are renowned for their range of weed control attachments, ideal for use in awkward areas, or where the ground is too wet or difficult to access with a tractor.
Weed Wipers. Quad-X have been pioneers in weed wiping technology and offer a number of weed wipers suitable to use with any quad, UTV or 4×4. Rather than spraying chemical from a boom, the weed wiper has rollers which ‘wipe’ only the weeds with herbicide leaving the grass and surrounding area untouched which saves a massive amount of chemical and is very environmentally friendly since there is no off spray/drift.

Sprayers/booms. Quad-X offer a wide range of sprayers and spray booms which can fit on any ATV rear rack. For UTVs Quad-X offer a special frame on skids that can be easily set into the cargo bed and allows for a variety of tanks and booms to be used


Based in the Emerald Isle of Ireland which is well known for its abundant rainfall and green landscape, Quad-X is well placed to design, test and manufacture its wide range of ATV mowers.Quad-X strimit They offer the widest range of quad mowers on the market with models including the Compact Rotary, Wildcut, Flail, Pro Flail, Power Shredder and Strimit which are designed for a wide range of mowing tasks from lawn cutting, to topping paddocks to shredding dense vegetation. The Strimit is a towed strimmer which is ideal for cutting around posts, under fences and along pathways and verges.

One of the most used ATV attachments is a trailer, and Quad-X do not disappoint. They offer a wide range of stock trailers, plastic and steel tipping trailers and bale transporters.

A unique trailer developed by Quad-X includes the Dump Trailer which has become a hot favourite among landscapers, farmers, and groundcare professionals needing a commercial spec trailer with capacity up to 1 tonne. With options for manual, hydraulic or electric hydraulic tip the trailer is equally at home behind a large ATV, UTV or compact tractor.

If you have fertiliser, grass seed, slug pellets or salt/grit to spread, look no further. Quad-X manufacture a range of fertiliser sowers, electrobroadcasters and salt spreaders that can fit on any ATV or UTV.

Front Bucket

Front Bucket

Quad-X also offer a range of stock feeders and muck spreaders. A special range of front mount equipment includes yard scrapers, sweepers, snow ploughs and front buckets.



Levelling equipment includes a range of arena levellers for equestrian customers, rollers and chain harrows.




With an ever expanding range of Quad-X machinery, there are many products to help you get more from your quad/UTV in any season. If you would like to find out more about the Quad-X range all designed and manufactured in UK please visit Quad-X stand at the World Ag Expo in Pavillion A 1325, email or call/whatsapp the team on 01144 7747219333. 

You can also follow Quad-X on twitter, facebook and tiktok by searching for quadxmachinery

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