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Yard Scraper

Yard Scraper
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A Quad-X ATV scraper is the ideal solution to yard and outhouse upkeep saving elbow grease if you currently use a manual scraper, and saving time and hassle compared to a tractor scraper. 

The Quad-X yard scraper is fitted with heavy duty rubber to prevent damage to surfaces.  Optional rubber sides are available for extra protection. The high tensile steel frame is designed for long life. The yard scraper is 1.1m wide and is ideal for getting into narrow areas.

The Quad-X yard scraper requires a front mount system to attach it to. We offer a choice of 3 front mount systems: Basic, Basic Angled and Supermount System.  The basic front mount system is limited to pushing straight ahead only, while the basic angled mount with scraper would allow you to angle the scraper to the left/right.  Both these basic mount systems along with the Quad-X yard scraper are ideal if you have a tight budget.  The Quad-X scraper if used with the Supermount System will give you a much greater ground clearance with the ability to angle the scraper left/right in 5 positions and to lift the scraper much higher.  The Supermount system is the strongest front mount and allows much heavier loads to be pushed with the yard scraper.

The yard scraper also requires a lift system.  Electric lift is easier, quicker and smoother, with controls located at the handlebars to lift/lower the yard scraper while moving.  For the manual lift you need to stop the ATV and stand up on the footboards to reach the lever. 

  • Heavy duty rubber prevents damage to surfaces.
  • Optional side rubber for extra protection
  • High tensile steel frame - long life.
  • Requires front mount system.
  • Standard and adjustable angle models available.
  • Requires a lift mechanism - manual or electric lift.
  • Width: 1.1m
  • Q. What front mount system do I need for the yard scraper?
    A. You can choose a basic mount system, basic angled system or supermount system.  The basic front mount only allows you to scrape straight ahead, while the basic angled front mount allows you to scrape to the left/right.  The strongest front mount system giving the best ground clearance is the supermount system.

    Q. What size of quad is needed for the yard scraper?
    A. The size of quad required will depend on the type of material you will be scraping/pushing.  We recommend a 300cc +.

    Q. What quads can the front mount systems and yard scraper be fitted to?
    A. All Quad-X front mount systems are universel fit and should fit almost all quads.  The quad yard scraper simply attaches to the front mount system already fitted to the ATV.

    Q. How do I fit the front mount system and yard scraper to my quad?
    A. You need to attach the front mount system to the underside of your quad first using 4 U-bolts supplied.  The yard scraper can be quickly attached to any of the 3 front mount systems using quick release pins.  On the basic/basic angled mount system the attach point for the pins is located near the quad footboards.  On the Supermount system the attach point for the pins is located at the front of quad.
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