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Weed Wiper | Dual Roller ATV Weed Wiper | Quad-X Xterminator
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The Quad-X Xterminator™ is a weed wiper equipped with innovative dual rollers. These are highly absorbant to ensure excellent chemical retention on the surface and for excellent application to weeds. The first of these counter rotating twin rollers lifts the weed up to apply the chemical to the sensitive underside of the leaf which allows for a much faster herbicide absorption and so faster weed kill rates. The second roller rotates in the opposite direction and acts to separate out any clumps of weeds to get a more even chemical application for better weed kill results. The second roller also acts as a reservoir to absorb any excess chemical that may be on the primary roller, to minimise the risk of dripping which can cause grass to burn.

Through considerable development time and investment Quad-X™ has discovered a process of unique atomisation technology where chemical is applied in the form of micro-bubbles which attach themselves to the rollers without bursting.  Chemical activation is enhanced since the chemical is transferred to the weeds in a bubble form.  Upon contact with the weeds the micro bubbles burst and provide a better stem coverage than the standard chemical film approach.   
The rider regulates the weed coverage by controlling when chemical is applied to the roller. If you require a weed wiper to automatically apply the chemical for you, please look at the Weed Wipeout in the herbicide applicators category.
The Xterminator™ is fitted with an easily adjusted towbar so it can be pulled directly behind or offset for harder to reach areas. It is suitable for towing behind an ATV, tractor or jeep/4x4 since it is equipped with a tow hitch to fit a 50mm tow ball. The Xterminator™ has a 7 position adjustable height from 60mm - 520mm (approx depending on towing vehicle used) to suit different grass and weed heights. This ATV weed wiper is ideal for the UK climate and ground conditions and comes with low pressure knobby tyres as standard to allow you to access wet areas.
Weed wiping is a more environmentally friendly approach to weed control in comparison to boom spraying, since only the weeds are targeted. This ensures that grass and clover growth is not stunted. With none of the off spray associated with boom spraying, wildlife habitats are less affected and it's healthier for you too.
Product Options
The Xterminator™ can be purchased with or without a tank. If you choose to purchase the wiper with a tank we will supply a 100l UV protected tank. If you already have a sprayer tank with a high capacity pump, you should be able to use it to run this weed wiper. However you will require an optional Xterminator™ wiring kit to allow you to activate the chemical application. You may also require some hose. A tank mount is incorporated in the frame of the Xterminator™ and so a sprayer tank can be mounted on the Xterminator™. If you choose the Xterminator™ complete with tank, a handlance kit is available which can be used to connect to the tank for spot spraying when you are not using the tank with your Xterminator™. This will increase the use of your equipment and maximise your investment.  If you are using an existing tank we recommend that you purchase the optional dump valve. The dump valve is required to regulate the pressure if wiping in dense weeds. If you have purchased an Xterminator™ complete with tank, this dump valve is fitted as standard and does not have to be purchased separately. 

We also manufacture a range of other weed lickers, from the more basic Weed Destroyer to the Weed Wipeout, equipped with innovative patent technology for even more impressive kill rates. Please have a look at the Weed Destroyer™ and Wipeout™ models for more information.

For larger applications why not try our Tractor Weed Wipers manufactured by Blaney Agri Ltd our Tractor machinery division, available in 2.4m – 8.5m widths, these machines are designed with innovative dual roller to offer the most cost effective solution to grassland weed control.  Only the weeds are targeted for massive savings on chemical and it’s eco friendly!

  • Total width 2.4m/8ft.
  • Contact width 2.16m.
  • Dual counter rotation rollers.
  • Long fibre application rollers.
  • Adjustable towbar. 
  • Quick release hitch.
  • Manual chemical application system.
  • Knobby 22-11x8 floatation tyres.
  • 7-position adjustable height.
  • High precision applicator nozzles.
  • Drawbar can be offset for those hard to reach areas.
  • Optional 100l UV protected tank.
  • Optional handlance kit.
  • Optional wiring kit if using an existing sprayer tank.
  • Optional dump valve if using an existing sprayer tank.
Q. How do I connect the Xterminator™ to my quad?
A. If you choose the Xterminator™ complete with tank, you can mount the tank on the rear rack of your quad or onto the Xterminator™ frame. You need to connect the tank wiring kit to the battery under the seat, using the ring terminals provided. The Xterminator™ comes with a tow hitch to fit on the rear 50mm tow ball on your quad.
Q. Can I use the Xterminator™ behind a tractor?
A. Yes, it has an adjustable tow hitch making it suitable to be towed behind a range of vehicles, including a tractor or jeep/4x4. If the vechicle has a standard 50mm ball hitch it will be suitable to pull the Xterminator™. If you are using a tractor or jeep/4x4 to tow the weed wiper you should attach the tank directly onto the weed licker.
Q. What is the overall width and contact width of the Xterminator™?
A. The overall width is 2.4m/8ft. The contact width is 2.16 m
Q. Can I use my existing tank with the Xterminator™?
A. Yes, if it is equipped with a high capacity pump you should be able to use it with the Xterminator™. We would recommend that it would be a 60 psi pump which has an approx. 6.8Lt per min flow. However you would need to purchase an additional wiring kit to allow you to activate the necesary chemical application.We also recommend that you purchase a dump valve required to regulate the pressue when wiping in dense material.
Q. Can I use the 100L tank for spot spraying?
A. If you wish to use the 100L tank for spot spraying you would need to purchase the optional handlance kit. When the tank is disconnected from the weed wiper, the handlance kit will allow you to use your tank for spot spraying in hard to reach areas or even around the yard.
Q. Will the Xterminator™ save me chemical in comparison to boom spraying?
A. Yes, since chemical is applied only to the weeds and not to the entire area. The contra rotating absorbant rollers lift the weed up so that chemical is applied to the underside of the leaf where it is sensitive to the chemical, rather than on the waxy surface. Chemical can act fast to give quicker weed kill rates.
Q. How will using the Xterminator™ in place of boom spraying improve my grass yields?
A. The Xterminator™ is designed to apply chemical only to the weeds and not the grass and so grass growth is not stunted. Boom spraying applies chemical to the grass as well as the weeds which can slow down growth rates for a time.
Q. Can I use the Xterminator™ for all my weed control?
A. The Xterminator™ is suitable for weed control in areas where the weeds are taller than the grass. The weed wiper must be set to the correct height to ensure it is above the height of the grass. If you have a few awkward areas which you cannot access with the weed licker e.g along fences/hedges, the optional handlance kit would allow you to use the tank to spot spray with the handlance.
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